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Cloud Architecture and Management Services

Cloud Architecture and Management Services

Majority of the businesses are turning towards Cloud computing because of the advantages it offers. The basic idea of cloud computing is to store and manage all the important data to the server rather than a local platform. Cloud computing is the fastest growing technology of the decade with rise in the number of populations using mobile phones, laptops, and other smart devices. It could be deemed as a futuristic technology because of its efficacy to manage humongous amount of data, safety, scalability, and its innovative flexible approach for ever changing market demands.

Assessing what cloud platform would be best suited is an important step while building the architecture. With thorough discussions with the client and understanding their needs, cloud platform requirement is assessed. The cloud architecture majorly consists of servers, software, network devices and other miscellaneous storage reserves. Private, public and Hybrid are the types in which cloud architecture is presented. While the private architecture is done in-house and offers excellent security, it is beneficial to large organizations who would control their own cloud data. Public architecture is maintained via internet and not in-house with multiple users sharing the resources but at a security risk. Whereas hybrid architecture provides a combination of both public and private, security of a private cloud architecture with public architecture proficiency.

Development and operations popularly known as DevOps is an outstanding approach to deliver an excellent quality software and quick deployment. Our team at eGlobal webtech utilizes the technology stack and functionality to manage the software applications. While forming a strategy to implement DevOps, we keep certain factors to increase the efficacy. Those factors are security, speed, dependability, quicker deliveries, and collaborative environment. Building DevOps strategy is very crucial for its success. All the member associated with development, design, testing and deployment should be put on a single platform and align with a common goal to develop an excellent quality software. Next step would be containerization which helps individual parts run independently which guarantees reliability while navigating between various processes. Further, integration of the infrastructure is carried out with the help of CI/CD tools such as Jenkins which ensures risk tolerance. Testing automation helps achieve quicker delivery along with Quality assurance Dev alignment which helps fix any bugs before the next build. The application performance monitoring aids in identifying, prioritizing, and reaching to the root causes of defects and to overcome them. Advantages that come along with DevOps are improved quality, performance, cost optimization since maintenance and updates are combined and collaboration which provides clients with exceptional experience.

Our team at eGlobal Webtech possesses skill set which would provide end-to-end services right from cloud setup through all the implementation and deployment. We understand client needs for their desired configuration with outstanding security support and great cost optimization. Right from development to deployment, our team continuously monitors to fix any upcoming bugs for improved quality. Our team performs regular maintenance in order to stay up to date.

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