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Front End Development

Front End Development

With increasing usage of internet, the competition between the contemporaries in the industry increase in order to provide superior services in form of web applications, native applications, digital marketing and so on. Every business wishes to stay on the top of the ladder with their unique services.

Web applications itself has superiority over other types since it does not involve any hassles of installation and can be operated on any operating system via mobiles or desktops. There are two major components while designing any web application. They are front-end development and back-end development.

Now, generally while we go through any website or web application, the first thing that catches our attention is the attractive presentation of the website. The way that the data is presented impacts a lot on the user. Here, the user always looks for ease of finding information or scrolling through the website or the web application.

The front-end development plays a crucial role in the presentation of the website. How the data is presented, how easy it is to search, how attractive the user will find it; everything is controlled in the front-end development. Hence, the Front-end is the one in the spotlight on the stage always. The back end manages all the data and supports the front-end. It takes care of the databases, servers, authorization and authentication of the users. The User does not have access to the back end.

Technically, anything that is experienced by the user once the application is launched is the Front end and it will define to what extent the user can be engaged. So, in order to develop an attractive Front end, the outline and frame of the application should be precisely defined in the beginning of the development phase. The developer utilizes the client-server framework whiles designing the web application to make it interactive and more user-friendly. All the things that can be clicked or edited or filled on the web application is solely because of the front end. The core languages and script that are incorporated while development of the front-end are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All the data that the client wishes to showcase on the web application is surrounded by HTML tags. That data is then made presentable using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). There are multiple choices of JavaScript to choose from while creating the front-end. Few of the scripts that developers mostly prefer are Node.JS, Express.JS, Ajax, Angular JS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton.css. The already packaged and shareable codes and software add-ons, the front-end framework, enables rapid development of the web application and ease to the developers.

At eGlobal Webtech, we have a team of top front-end developers. With their vast knowledge and experience, our Front-end developers have delivered best-in-class services to our clients. Our front-end developers understand the client needs and turns them into reality with their experience of designing. They are highly skilled to customize user experience. The Front-end developer understands the client requirements right from the emergence of the idea till the execution. They design an interactive interface to keep the user hooked with the website or the web application. They are also involved in maintenance and time to time modifications of the web application or website. They perform in depth testing of the website or web application to ensure smooth running, desired content and any lags in the site. After thorough testing the web application is finally ready to be hosted.

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