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E-commerce Platform

E-commerce Platform

Walking down to your favorite store to buy a pair of shoes or that dress you always wanted sounds fun until you get the option of buying it from the comfort of your bedroom just at your fingertips. There is a tremendous increase in the usage of E-commerce platforms because of the liberty it provides to the customers. In a world where people are continuously scrolling through their devices like smartphones and laptops, it becomes even easier for the E-commerce platforms to reach out to the largest chunk of the population. There is surge in number of people availing the services through E-commerce platforms due to the variety of providers and range to choose from without physically going around. With ease, E-commerce platforms also proves to be a super time saver and hassle-free. Hence, if we were to predict the growth of E-commerce platforms it would showcase an upward trajectory. Digitalization has opened vast areas for E-commerce, be it something of daily need or luxury products, you name it and it is available. E-commerce platforms are Everything-under-one-roof, and that roof could be anywhere you choose.

Designing a highly functional and competitive E-commerce platform is very crucial to keep the customers hooked. The features should be included elaboratively to classify it as user-friendly. From entering the platform to executing the purchase, the experience should be smooth enough for customer retention. The most widely used platforms are either WordPress or Shopify. From setting these platforms up to full-fledged usage, it has proven to be flawless. While WordPress is freely available, just an installation away and completely customizable; Shopify is paid but the charges are minimal with access to their server where the data related to the products can be launched. Search engine optimization is another factor that would help attract traffic to the site. WordPress possesses the upper hand here since it is entirely modifiable according to the trends and needs whereas Shopify would let us modify the important elements but not provide with full access to carry out the desired changes. However, Shopify provides excellent customer support which is round the clock by means of mail, chat or call. WordPress provide support via their websites only so responses might be delayed. Conversion rate optimization is more efficient with WordPress because of its salient and flexible features while Shopify limits you because of it hosts your store. Choosing between Shopify or WordPress rather differs from person to person based on their requirements. While using Shopify would not require any technical skills since everything is taken care by its team once the content goes on the server; WordPress on the other hand would require an IT support team which would skillfully manage the E-commerce platform as desired. Hence, WordPress and Shopify work quite differently and could be solely chosen upon what is the requirement.

eGlobal webtech with its highly skilled team and expertise helps you design the E-commerce platform of your dreams. We cater to our clients need and dive deep into research to be able to provide a best-in-class experience with the platform. Our team with its proficient technical knowledge and expertise help you with setting up your E-commerce store. We design the store platform keeping in mind the intricate details made available to us by our clients. We provide regular updates according to what the market trends suggest and keep our clients ready for the ever-changing features.

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