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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

How easy Mobile phones have made our lives! It has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. There are numerous applications that keep us hooked to our mobile phones and everything we need is just a touch away with help of it. Now, we use such applications a lot but ever thought what goes behind the application making technically? No, right. Mobile application development involves a lot of skill and hard work. Mobile application is basically a software that is installed on the device and run using the network. At this moment, there are two major platforms for Mobile applications that is iOS and Android.

While choosing the approach via which the application will be developed, it is necessary to keep in my mind various aspects like Client desired user experience, timeline, budget and the resources which shall be available for the development. Considering the four major approaches for mobile application development which are Native Mobile Applications, Cross-Platform Native Mobile Applications, Hybrid Mobile Application and Progressive Web Applications; we can decide as to which would be appropriate. Native Mobile Applications provides the top runtime performance with direct access to the device APIs. However, it is expensive when considering the development and since it requires platform-based programming, multiple codes might be necessary.  The Cross-Platform Native Mobile Applications and Hybrid Mobile Application can be employed on multiple platforms using a single code which increases its reach. This also eases the maintenance of the application. Progressive Web Applications are free from any sort of installation or app store delivery but provides an experience similar to the native applications. It is important to analyze and plan how to shape the idea of the application. The smoother the application works, the more users it shall attract due to high quality performance. The front-end and Back-end development also is done keeping in mind all the factors and client desires.

Broadly categorized into two types Native applications and Web applications. Native applications are built for specific operating systems like iOS or Android with finely designed user interface to experience superior performance. Web applications could be accessed via any compatible browser from any device which technically saves up on the space. Therefore, it is upon the client to decide, analyze and have a brief ideation of the type of application they wish for.

Once the application front-end and Back-end is set, the application goes for stability and usability testing via user testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing and platform testing. Once all that is out of the way, the application is ready to be deployed. Key performance metrics also known as KPIs should be monitored to track the success of the application along with keeping in mind the user feedbacks to continually improve. To deliver a quality mobile application, a thorough mobile testing tactic is a must.

The higher complexity of work demands higher skill set which is why eGlobal Webtech could be your choice for the mobile application development. It would be a smart move to invest in it since the online applications and platforms are demonstrating an upward trajectory with every passing day. We have a team of developers who thrive to provide world class applications by their experience and knowledge. We focus on staying on the top of the high-tech innovations by continually performing the required market studies and research. This enables us to provide immaculate outcomes with client desired features.

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