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Progressive Web Development

Progressive Web Development

If given a choice to install an application on your device and run it or directly run it from the browser without any hassle of installation, which one would you choose? The later one, without a doubt. The users always look for convenient options that provide the same experience. They need something that is fast, reliable and engaging. Hence, Progressive web application are taking over everything. They behave like the native applications with absolutely no need of installation and are hosted solely on the application’s server. It literally stands by its name “PROGRESSIVE” with richness in features. The websites are put in storage of the device by progressive web application and it also enables us to store them to home screen with icons.

Progressive web applications are quite impressive in various ways. First off, the cost effectiveness. What’s easy on your pocket has the power to attract your mind. That buffering which everyone hates is gone since it immediately loads even when your internet connectivity is low or even without internet. Since installation is out of way, updating is not required either. It is cross-platform and supports push notifications as well. Progressive web applications are secure and saves from any sort of breach/ threat.

Coming to the elements, there are five key components of the progressive web application, and they are Web App manifest, Application shell, Service worker, Webpack and Transport Layer Security (TLS).  Before beginning of the project, it is very important to create an outline of the idea that is in the mind and discuss with the team. The scope of the project and specifications should be well clear for an excellent Progressive web development. Web app manifest is the first and most crucial component when building a progressive web application. It is a JavaScript Object Notation file which technically controls the user’s application which the browser reads and stores when you first open the progressive web application, and it helps give a native application look and is also responsible as to how the application will be presented. The application shell plays an important role in separating the static and the dynamic part of the progressive web application. The web worker enhances the functionality of the progressive web application. It is a web worker which runs the JavaScript in the background without impacting the performance of the page. Service worker entails three main things which are registration, installation and activation. The Webpack basically helps in designing the front end of the progressive web application and helps to assemble all the data and resources pertaining to JavaScript at one place. Transport Layer Security, the name itself suggests security and helps for protected exchange of data between two applications.

Its now time to start your project with highly knowledgeable developers at eGlobal webtech with a vast experience in developing brilliant progressive applications. Right from outlining and deciding the scope of your project till the application is ready to be launched, our developers provide out of the box ideas which help you stand out among the other mainstream competition. With ability to work in wide range of tools like React, Angular, Vue, Ionic, PWAbuilder and many more; our developers provide you with outstanding results by creating a progressive web application that shall set a standard for the industry. Our developers make it easier for the progressive web applications to work in a more integrated way on variety of devices keeping in mind the design and priorities of our clients.

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