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Which is a Better Choice: Shopify or WordPress?

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Which is a Better Choice: Shopify or WordPress?

Are you also confused between Shopify and WordPress? Can’t decide which one would be better for your business? Then keep reading this article and you will get insights on both which would help you decide. First of all, let us understand a little about both.


WordPress is a website-building platform and most popular among businesses since it can be used to create any type of website including blogs and online shopping stores. WordPress can be used for free and is also SEO optimized, that’s a bonus. WordPress is also secure and has many plugins which provide better management and security. It provides an abundance of features.

How WordPress functions:

  • It starts with buying a domain and a web-hosting account in which the default version of WordPress can be downloaded.
  • Next would be picking up a theme of your website and plugins to get the e-commerce features, SEO and integration.
  • Finally, configuration of your store starts.


Shopify is also a website-building platform which mainly focuses on e-commerce. It helps create an online store with numerous features that shall cover all your requirements and give the online store the needed security and features to be user-friendly. There are hundreds of designs from which you can use to create your very own online store from scratch. Another plus with Shopify is you can use it Online and offline where they allow you to integrate with on-location stores.

Let us have a look at a simpler Pros and Cons list for both for a better understanding:


Free and CustomizableNot beginner-friendly
Variety of plugins and extensionsRequires frequent updates
Excellent SecurityMany advanced features missing
Valuable SEO functionalitiesGlitches in performance
Multiple currency support and payment gateways


Good scalability and SecurityNot Free
Excellent designs and themesLimited customizations
Custom domains and App store of ownProduct filter and categorization
24*7 customer supportNo email hosting is available

Still feel the confusion?

It is absolutely understandable if you still feel confused between the two. The below list shall help you choose the right platform for your business.

When should you choose WordPress?

  • If you are already familiar with WordPress and have used it in the past so you don’t have to sit around learning about WordPress.
  • If you already own a WordPress website and don’t want to spare extra funds investing in a new e-commerce platform.
  • If you are comfortable to work without a customer support and can manage any short-comings.

When should you choose Shopify?

  • If you are a newbie and have no website or prior experience and want to launch an excellent e-commerce platform.
  • If you don’t have a team that can help you with setup of the website.
  • If you want integration of your online and offline on-location stores.
  • If you would like a customer support that’s always there for you.

And if you still need an expert opinion on your choice, you can get in touch with our team of experts at eGlobal Webtech. We provide end-to-end solutions for setting up your e-commerce website and provide world-class quality for your website. Right from discussing your innovative idea to planning and executing the idea, our team is at your disposal.

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